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Table 1 Comparison between the UM-AR-GPS-ROVER and ARMOR configuration

From: SMART: scalable and modular augmented reality template for rapid development of engineering visualization applications

Device UM-AR-GPS-ROVER ARMOR Comparison
Location Tracking Trimble AgGPS 332 using OmniStar XP correction for Differential GPS method Trimble AgGPS 332 using CMR correction broadcast by a Trimble AgGPS RTK Base 450/900 OmniStar XP provides 10~20 cm accuracy. RTK provides 2.5 cm horizontal accuracy, and 3.7 cm vertical accuracy
Orientation Tracking PNI TCM 5 PNI TCM XB Same accuracy, but ARMOR places TCM XB rigidly close to the camera
Video Camera Fire-I Digital Firewire Camera Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 LifeCam VX-5000 is lightweight, small and uses less wire
Head-mounted Display i-Glasses SVGA Pro video see-through HMD eMagin Z800 3DVisor Z800 3DVisor is lightweight with stereovision
Laptop Dell Precision M60 Notebook ASUS N10J Netbook ASUS N10J is lightweight and smaller
User Command Input WristPC wearable keyboard and Cirque Smart Cat touchpad Nintendo Wii Remote Wii Remote is lightweight and intuitive to use
Power Source Fedco POWERBASE Tekkeon myPower MP3750 MP3750 is lightweight and has multiple voltage outputs charging both GPS receiver and HMD
Backpack Apparatus Kensington Contour Laptop Backpack Load Bearing Vest Extensible and easy to access equipment