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Table 3 Means (S.D.s) for usability questions

From: Tangible mixed reality for remote design review: a study understanding user perception and acceptance

No. Questions Mean (S.D.)a
1 Did the MR visual display (head-mounted-display) create difficulties for performing? 4.31 (0.96)
2 Did you often feel disoriented? 2.93 (1.18)
3 Did you have a natural perspective that gives you a compelling sense of your hand-motion while manipulating the tracking cube? 3.38 (0.88)
4 With the MR system, are you isolated from and not distracted by outside activities? 3.75 (1.13)
5 Did the surrounding real background help your spatial comprehension of the model? 3.56 (1.15)
6 Was the FOV (field of view) appropriate for supporting this activity? 2.63 (1.2)
7 Does visual output have adequate stability of the image as you move with no perceivable distortions in visual images? 2.81 (1.17)
8 Does visual output have acceptable degree of response delay with no perceivable distortions in visual images? 3.31 (1.14)
9 Is the MR display effective in conveying convincing scenes of models appearing as if in the real world? 3.88 (0.88)
10 Can you predict responses to your actions? 4.0 (0.57)
11 Did you have satisfactory control over the system? 3.38 (0.88)
12 Is the MR system comfortable for long-term use? 2.06 (1.28)
13 Is tracking marker lightweight, portable, non-encumbering, and comfortable thereby avoiding issues of limited your mobility and fatigue? 3.94 (0.85)
14 Did you experience excessive eye fatigue? 3.5 (1.09)
15 Did you experience nausea during your interaction with MR system? 1.75 (1.0)
  1. a The question response format was a scale with steps from 1 (very little) to 5 (very much).