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Table 3 Defined dimensions and their categories

From: Review and analysis of augmented reality literature for construction industry

Dimensions Categories
Research methodology improvement focus Case study, Experimental/empirical study, Proof of concept, Questionnaire, Literature review
AEC industry, Organization (Facility owner, Contractor, Designer), Projects, Individuals
Industry sector Building commercial, Municipal/infrastructure, Heavy/highway, Residential, Industrial
Target audience Design team, Project manager, Worker/technician, Inspector, Project end user, Building systems engineers, Student, Other
Project phase Initiation, Design, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance
Stage of technology maturity Theory, Framework, Sub-system technical issues, System development, System application
Application area Simulation/visualization, Communication/collaboration, Information modeling, Information access/evaluation, Progress monitoring, Education/training, Safety/inspection
Comparison role Comparison modes (Model vs. model, Model vs. reality, Reality vs. reality),
Comparison purpose (Progress monitoring, Defect detection, Evaluation the model, Updating the model, Validating the model)
Technology User perspective (immersive, non-immersive), Device (mobile, non-mobile), Delivery (web-based, standalone)
Location Home-office, Field