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Table 2 Overview of participants of the study

From: Visualization requirements of engineers for risk assessment of embankment dams

Phase Number of participants Years of experience Mean and standard deviation Discipline (s)*
I 7 10-32 μ = 19.1; σ = 9.6 H&H, GT, SE, GE, CE
II 5 13-37 μ = 27.6; σ = 9.7 GT, H&H, GE, CNSTR, SE
III 2 4-16 μ = 10.0; σ = 8.5 H&H, CE
  1. *H&H: Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrology; SE: Structural Engineering; GE: Geology; GT: Geotechnical Engineering; CE: Civil Engineering; CNSTR: Construction Engineering.