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Table 2 Summarized notes

From: The effectiveness of a flood protection computer game for disaster education

Category (Total counts) Counts Content Features
knowledge game
Question (105) 11 Why do we have no money/why do we stop earning money?  
11 How to make money?
11 What is the symbol of the icon?  
10 Where do we put the sandbags?
10 Why do the pumps/ sandbags disappear?
9 Why does the flood occur?  
8 Which area can earn more money?
8 What is the blue circled area? Is it flooded area?  
7 What is the purpose of the park? Retention park?  
5 What is the purpose of green roofs  
4 What is the purpose of green streets?  
4 Where to put the green streets?  
4 Can we remove or sell the dikes?
2 Why this game is in English not Chinese?  
1 Is the city in Taiwan?
Finding (84) 9 The sand bag could be used for a while. It will disappear.
8 The dike is a permanent protection construction.  
8 The blue circle is the flooded area.  
7 The index is happiness index. It seems very important!  
7 The less flooded area earns more money.
7 When we put it on correct location the flood is decreased!  
6 Commercial area earns money very quickly.  
6 When the happiness index disappears, the game fails.  
5 The pumps are very powerful!
5 The flood retention parks are expensive but very effective.  
5 We should pick up the money first  
5 Special region should be protected by special method.  
4 Green streets are expensive but very effective.  
2 Sand bag is very useful!  
Strategy (50) 7 We should rescue the area where we can still earn money.  
6 Let’s earn more money before starting the construction.  
6 Let’ try to use new flood mitigation method.  
5 Let’s use pumps in all areas!  
4 The whole river basin needs flood mitigation.  
4 We should mitigate the area of biggest flooded circle.  
4 Put dikes on the corners of the river!  
3 We should put the pumps near the flooded circle.  
2 We should put the sand bags with intervals.  
2 Put pumps on the corners of the river!  
1 Put sand bags on the corners of the river!  
1 We should put the pumps and sand bag with intervals.  
5 We should use multiple methods.  
Others (17) 6 One mouse is not enough.  
6 Hope we can play the game on line.  
4 I hope we can play together with a touch screen.  
1 I want to invent a sponge dike.