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Table 3 Comparison between GIL and Traditional learning

From: The effectiveness of a flood protection computer game for disaster education

Factors Elements of the factors Traditional learning GIL
Motivation Pleasure/Pain Less motivating Motivating
Reading textbooks is less fun and pleasant. Playing Flood Protection, a game of edutainment, is a pleasure. Students’ laughter and screaming reflect emotions of fun and happiness.
Hope/Fear Less motivating Motivating
Anticipating much homework and many memorizing tasks. Playing game is attractive. Students’ discussion and question represent the students’ desire and anxiety to learn,
Social acceptance/Rejection Less motivating Motivating
Reading cannot enhance relationship with others. Playing game enhance social acceptance with classmates and teachers.
Ability Time Simple: Students are scheduled to attend the class.
Money Simple: Students do not have to pay.
Physical effort Medium
Brain cycle Medium
Social deviance Simple
Non-routine Simple