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Table 1 Examples of types of social interactions captured by Social BIMCloud

From: Social BIMCloud: a distributed cloud-based BIM platform for object-based lifecycle information exchange

Attribute Compulsory Mode of data capture Examples of user defined values
user (issuer) Yes Automatic jcheng, mdas
Interaction_key_identifier Yes Automatic  
Interaction_ID No User defined ID of change order
Interaction_type Yes User defined RFI - Substitution,
RFI - Clarification,
RFI - Deficiency,
Change Order - Change in scope,
Change Order - Professional errors and omissions,
Change Order - Substitution,
Change Order - General,
Change Order - Design Change,
Date_submitted Yes Automatic  
Response_date No User defined Expected response date, for example, 2 days from issuing of a change order
Date_closed Yes Automatic  
Interaction_status No User Defined Requested, under evaluation, reassess cost, rejected, approved, closed
Approval_by_architect No User defined approved, rejected, on hold
Approval_by_contractor    approved, rejected, on hold
Approval_by_owner No User defined approved, rejected, on hold
Response_awaiting No User defined owner ID, contractor ID, architect ID
Timestamp Yes Automatic  
Document_URL No User defined PDF document of change order