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Figure 7 | Visualization in Engineering

Figure 7

From: An intelligent decision supporting system for international classification of functioning, disability, and health

Figure 7

Joints mobility measurement interface. (Figure translation: (1) 請跟隨影片做動作: Please follow the video to perform the test movement, (2) 右關節測試: Assessment of Right Joints, (3)左關節測試: Assessment of Left Joints, (4) 右肩關節伸展結果: The result of right shoulder extension, (5) 右手軸彎曲結果: The result of right elbow extension, (6) 右腳後跟伸結果: The result of right hip flexion, (7) 右髖關節測試結果: The result of right hip extension, (8) 右膝關節測試結果: The result of right knee extension).

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