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Table 3 Quantitative data from the observation

From: Implementing an augmented reality-enabled wayfinding system through studying user experience and requirements in complex environments

  Total run-time (to the destination + return to the lobby) Wayfinding aid Number of circulation errors Vertical access Return route
ID 1 8mins (5mins + 3mins) Info desk → Directory 2 Stairs Different route
ID 2 5mins (4mins + 1 min) Info desk 0 Escalator Same route
ID 3 6mins (4mins + 2mins) Y-A-H map → Interactive kiosk 1 Escalator Same route
ID 4 9mins (7mins + 2mins) Y-A-H map 2 Stairs Same route
ID 5 6mins (4mins + 2mins) Directory 1 Stairs Different route
ID 6 5mins (3mins + 2mins) Interactive kiosk 0 Elevator Different route
ID 7 9mins (7mins + 2mins) Directory → Interactive kiosk 3 Escalator Same route
ID 8 13mins (10mins + 3mins) Directory 4 Escalator Same route
ID 9 6mins (2mins + 4mins) Directory 2 Stairs Same route
ID10 13mins (12mins + 1 min) Y-A-H map → Interactive kiosk 3 Escalator Same route