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Table 1 Existing roadway inventory data collection methods and related studies

From: Detection, classification, and mapping of U.S. traffic signs using google street view images for roadway inventory management

Methods Description Related works
Field inventory Using GPS survey and conventional optical equipment to collect desired information in the field (Jones 2004; Khattak et al. 2000; Zhou et al. 2013)
Photo/Video log Driving a vehicle along the roadway while automatically recording photos/videos, which can be examined later to extract information (Ai and Tsai 2014; Ai and Tsai 2011; DeGray and Hancock 2002; X. Hu et al. 2004; Jeyapalan 2004; Jeyapalan and Jaselskis 2002; Maerz and McKenna 1999; Robyak and Orvets 2004; Tsai et al. 2009; K. C. Wang et al. 2010; Wu and Tsai 2006)
Integrated GPS/GIS mapping systems Using an integrated GPS/GIS field data logger to record and store inventory information (Caddell et al. 2009; Jones 2004)
Aerial/Satellite photography Analyzing high resolution images taken from aircraft or satellites to identify and extract highway inventory information (Veneziano et al. 2002)