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Table 2 Examples of state DOT road inventory programs

From: Detection, classification, and mapping of U.S. traffic signs using google street view images for roadway inventory management

State DOT Inventory techniques Inventory data
Collection Storage
Washington Photo log, integrated GPS/GIS mapping systems GIS Cable barriers, concrete barriers, culverts, culvert ends, ditches, drainage inlets, glare screens, guardrails, impact attenuators, miscellaneous fixed objects, pipe ends, pedestals, roadside slope, rock outcroppings, special-use barriers, supports, trees, tree groupings, walls
Michigan Integrated GPS/GIS mapping systems, field inventory GIS Guardrails, pipes, culverts, culvert ends, catch basins, impact attenuators
Ohio Photo log, integrated GPS/GIS mapping Systems GIS Wetland delineation, vegetation classification
Iowa Airborne LiDAR, aerial photography GIS Landscape, sloped areas, individual counts of trees, side slope, grade, contour
Idaho Video log MS Access Guardrails
Tennessee Tennessee Road Information Management System (TRIMS), Maintenance Management System (MMS) Central Database Traffic signs, guardrails, and pavement markings which are manually collected.
New Mexico Photo, Laser Scanner, and Virtual Reality System Video Most types of visible highway assets except for light posts and road detectors
Virginia Web-based asset management system using Google Maps Google Maps Cross pipes, ditches
FHWA Baltimore-Washington Parkway Mobile mapping Point Cloud Software, GIS Corridors, signs