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Table 1 Activities involved in fabricating the sample spool

From: Resource-loaded piping spool fabrication scheduling: material-supply-driven optimization

Activity ID Activity name Labor
A1 Fit 2 ″elbow and 2″ flange Fitter
B1 Weld 2 ″elbow and 2″ flange (sub1_1) Welder
C1 Fit the sub1_1 with 2 ″pipe Fitter
D1 Weld the subassembly with 2 ″pipe (sub1_2) Welder
E1 Fit sub1_2 with olet Fitter
F1 Weld sub1_2 with olet (sub1_3) Welder
G1 Fit two 6 ″pipes together Fitter
H1 Weld two 6 ″pipes together (sub1_4) Welder
I1 Fit sub1_3 and sub1_ 4 Fitter
J1 Weld sub1_3 and sub1_4 Welder