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Table 4 Spatial Overlaps and Conflicts identified in DCIS and COMPASS

From: GIS-based visualization of integrated highway maintenance and construction planning: a case study of Fort Worth, Texas

For Fiscal Years (2017–2019)
Information system Period Intra-database Overlaps* (mileage) Inter-database Conflicts (mileage)
DCIS Annual (3 years continuous) 1 (0.48) 33 (57.7)
Biennial 6 (3.59)
COMPASS Annual (3 years continuous) 38 (43.97)
Biennial 29 (53.91)
   Sum Total 107 (159.65)
  1. *Excluding Routine maintenance projects that include tree removal and trimming, litter removal, and ROW mowing. Sum total of the mileage of the concerned road segments are in brackets