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Table 5 Examples of waste generated from the deconstruction of level 5 of the building

From: Deconstruction waste management through 3d reconstruction and bim: a case study

Materials Quantity Reuse Recycle Disposal
Furniture (chairs) 414 y   
Furniture (tables) 207 y   
Carpet and underlay 2499 (m2) y   y
Bricks 1017.81 (m3)   y  
Concrete (column) 42.42 (m3)   y  
Concrete (wall & floor) 690.41 (m3)   y  
Gypsum board (e.g. drywall) 36.14 (m3)   y  
General Doors 69   y  
Fire doors 8    y
Glass 1.17 (m3)   y  
Rebar 30.06 (ton)   y  
Asbestos 0.83 (m3)    y